All About That Beer: Big Mik’s Favorite

Cheers to our friend Mike — this seasonal coffee stout is named for him! Big Mik’s Favorite is a delicious blend of coffee and beer (what could be better?) Oh, and the name doesn’t lie, this really is Mike’s favorite kind of beer. So not only does it taste great, it’s also extremely honest. If that didn’t already win you over, then read on to learn even more about this brew.


Where does the name Big Mik’s Favorite come from?

Justin: The man, the myth, the legend: Mike Whaley. And Irish slang. Simply put, this is our friend Mike’s favorite beer style, so obviously we had to name it for him.


Brian: Old friend, huge Slayer fan and avid supporter of all things Hop & Barrel – Mike Whaley’s favorite beer. “I gotta have my coffee!”


Describe this style of beer:

Justin: A blend of craft beer and artisanal coffee. Focusing on combining the dark but sweet flavors of the two while keeping the roast-y flavors in check. The addition of lactose provides additional creaminess to ensure the darker characteristics of the coffee accent the beer, but don’t take it over. Anyone can throw enough coffee into a beer to make a roast-y mess, but the key is control and careful balancing, so the sum is greater than the parts.


Brian: Lactose Panda with a super-secret coffee blend. Super secret, unless Justin revealed it. If you follow these All About the Beer things, you realize that Justin and I don’t write them together. Do you want to know something super-secret about Justin? He has an extensive collection of clown costumes and clown makeup. His clown name is Funktown, the Clown. He rides a unicycle while blasting Rick James’ tunes. Don’t tell him I told you.


Describe its unique flavor:

Justin: Big Mik’s has a huge coffee aroma and a well-balanced flavor between coffee and chocolatey-sweet stout flavors. What sets this beer apart from the pack is that it has a lower ABV and doesn’t taste burnt or have a one-dimensional coffee note. The coffee we use is selected locally and then we cold press it in-house to make sure it blends with the beer.


Brian: You ever suck on some coffee beans for a while and then drink a milk stout? Me either, but that’s what this probably tastes like.


Was there anything memorable or funny that happened during production? Interesting quotes or “accidents”?

Justin: Not particularly, but a huge shout out to Ethan Mollet for handling the sourcing and brewing of the coffee for this beer.


Brian: No. We take the brewing of beer seriously. I don’t appreciate that question.


If you could pair this beer with food from a place around town, what would it be?

Justin: Quiet the range of foods go well with a coffee stout, but BBQ and sweet desserts are generally the best pairings.


Brian: Is there a meat place in town? Oh yeah, Big Guys. This would go well with a full plate of various meats.

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