All About That Beer: Blood Orange Kettle Sour

This beer is bloody delicious. In fact, it’s in the name. Our Blood Orange is a seasonal addition to our Kettle Sour series. It’s a refreshing blend of citrus, sweet, and sour. It’s a drinkable beer, perfect for cracking open after a long day of jumping in a huge pile of leaves or *insert another stereotypical fall activity here.* Read on to learn more about Blood Orange Kettle Sour — available on tap and in cans.

Where does the name Blood Orange come from?
Justin: From what’s in the beer. Blood Oranges, and lots of them, courtesy of Maltwerks in Detroit Lakes.

Brian: I have no idea. Blood makes me uncomfortable. However, I have consulted The Oxford English Dictionary and have come up with the following explanation:
blood or·ange
/bləd ˈôrənj/
1. an orange of a variety with red or red-streaked flesh.

Describe this style of beer:
Justin: This is a continuation of our kettle sour series. Like every kettle sour beer we release, our goal is to blend the sourness into the complimenting additions. Instead of just hitting our drinkers in the face with either an overwhelming sour flavor or a bunch of sweet crap to cover up the sourness. We try to walk the middle road and brew in a way that lets the sourness compliment the overall experience, rather than being something to focus solely upon or cover up. The yeast and lactobacillus culture is the same as what you’d find in Milkshake and Scaredy Pie, but we changed up the base malts a degree to better compliment the sweetness of the blood orange.

Brian: This is a kettle sour with a whole sack of oranges dipped into it at least two to three times.

Describe its unique flavor:
Justin: Sweet, sour and dry. This comes from an amazing blend of sweet (From the Blood Orange) and sour (From the Lacto) complimented and dried out by a small addition of hibiscus. While the orange is very apparent in the aroma and flavor, I actually get a pleasant cranberry-like effect from the orange/hibiscus blend that is quite pleasing and makes this beer extremely drinkable.

Brian: Dry, sour and orangey.

Was there anything memorable or funny that happened during production? Interesting quotes or “accidents”?
Justin: Yes, there sure was! We made the most amazing screwdrivers with the vodka we used to sanitize the dried oranges that went into the beer.

Brian: Ethan refused to share any of the oranges that he dunked into the beer. But that’s not funny. It’s just sad. Also, there is a Star Wars reference on the can label. See if you get it.

If you could pair this beer with food from a place around town, what would it be?
Justin: Any of the amazing breakfast offerings from around downtown Hudson like Ziggy’s, Dick’s or Big Guys. Of course, your nearest community’s restaurant will certainly have some great options too.

Brian: Some tangy, stinky cheese in a quiche from Urban Olive and Vine. Yes, the only serious answer you are getting involves the quiche from Urban Olive and Vine. Chad is a gosh darn quiche magician. I take my quiche very seriously and so does Chad.

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