All About That Beer: Crooked Grin

If your blood type is IPA+ then you make our heart hoppy. How did the grin get crooked? Co-founders Justin and Brian ( & his beard) share with us why you can’t be sad when holding a Crooked Grin.

Where does the name Crooked Grin come from?

Justin: From the dumb look we all had on our faces the firs time we drink this and we overly pleased with ourselves.

Brian: Because you can’t call a beer Shit Eating Grin.

Describe this style of beer:

Justin: West Coast IPA – easy drinking – day drinking – every day beer.  This is a LOT of people’s “go to” IPA, including mine.

Brian: Regular-ass classic West Coast IPA.

Describe its unique flavor:

Justin: We use a blend of base malts to provide a deeper backbone and more grainy character to set this beer apart from other west coast styles.  It’s an homage to our Midwest IPA influences but in no means is this a malty or reddish IPA.  It’s often extremely clear, which makes the complex grain character all that more striking.

Brian: Enough citrus and pine for a wilderness retreat.

What stands out to you the most during your time spent developing Crooked Grin?

Justin: We grinned a lot.

Brian: Nope. We take things very serious here at the brewery and have banned laughter, shenanigans and chicanery.

If you could pair this beer with a food from a place around town, what would it be?

Ziggy’s Fish Tacos
Agave’s So Cal Burger
Barkers Kung Pow Wings

Brian: Tacos from Ziggy’s or something spicy from San Pedros.

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