All About That Beer: Lady of the Woods

Lady of the Woods is the 3rd beer in our Brew Like a Girl series, and it’s definitely one of our favorites! In this month’s All About That Beer blog, it wouldn’t have felt right to just interview Justin and Brian. So we had to add Katie Eells, the creator of our BLAG project, into the mix! Read on to learn more:

Where does the name Lady of the Woods come from?

Katie: Lady of the Woods comes from the symbolic term for birch trees, seen as both a feminine and elegant part of the natural world. This symbolism and the tree’s distinctive white bark seem like perfect reasons to give the name to a white stout brewed by women.

Justin: Katie and the women of Witch Hunt came up with it while they were working on the collaboration.

Brian: Katie really likes trees and nature and makes her own special lip gloss from the sap of trees.

Describe this style of beer:

Katie: Lady of the Woods is a White Stout which is a style that has been emerging recently. It is a beer that is light in color but tastes and “feels” like a dark stout. Brewed with LOTS of oats, flaked barley, and wheat giving it a creamy and “thick” body.

Justin: Sarcasm. White Stout isn’t really a style. It’s more of a joking way to describe a thick heavy blonde ale with stout-like qualities. There aren’t too many being made, and even fewer being packaged anywhere around here, or elsewhere for that matter.

Brian: A White Stout.

Describe its unique flavor:

Katie: The flavor comes from the wheat, barley, and oats we added but also from things like vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate. Flavors that we added late in the process to give the beer those dessert-like flavors that stouts can be known for.

Justin: In the case of LOTW there’s a lot of focus on nut-like flavors and oatmeal.  Think a warm fresh oatmeal cookie with just a hint of chocolate, with a very thick pleasing mouthfeel.

Brian: You ever take a stout and then dye it white with bleach? Me either, but that’s probably what this tastes like.

Was there anything memorable or funny that happened during production? Interesting quotes or “accidents”?

Katie: It was fun to host Witch Hunt here at Hop & Barrel! A lot of women work in the brewing industry but mainly in sales, taprooms and the quality control side of brewing. Very few work in the actual production of beer. I love being involved in the Brew Like a Girl Series because it allows me to show women who are interested in this side of the industry that it is not intimidating. And although it is a physically challenging career, it is not impossible for anyone.

Justin: Katie and the other women of H&B brewed the first batch of this beer in collaboration with Witch Hunt Minneapolis. Witch Hunt is a group that promotes equality in the brewing industry.  It was a great brew day all around, and a lot of us made some new friends in the industry as a result.

Brian: Katie’s always like “GIT ‘ER DONE” So that was kind of the quote of the day that day. Where does she come up with that stuff?!?!?

If you could pair this beer with food from a place around town, what would it be?

Katie: I think this beer would pair with most desserts from any place around town, especially something with dark chocolate!

Justin: Cookies.  Fresh Monster cookies from Wired Robin would be my go-to.

Brian: I’d get me some ice cream from Knoke’s and make an ice cream float while listening to the song Hook by Blues Traveler.

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