All About That Beer: Lemon Breaker Shandy

It’s sweet. It’s sassy. It’s Lemon Break Shandy from Hop and Barrel! They’ve done it again! Co-founders Justin and Brian ( & his beard) share with us the “breakdown” of the story behind Lemon Breaker Shandy.

Where does the name Lemon Breaker Shandy come from?

Justin: Oh man… We had the hardest time naming this beer.  There are so, so, so many summer-like or shandy related names taken.  We had an idea to go nautical but also wanted people to have an idea what the beer was from the name itself.  It just took forever to find something we liked that fit our criteria.

Brian: Justin’s evil mind. It took us longer to name this beer than any other beer that we’ve named. It’s extremely difficult to find beer names that aren’t taken by the other 7,300 breweries in existence.

Describe this style of beer:

Justin: Shandy started our as a blended drink of beer and ginger ale.  Not going to pretend to know the entire history, but in modern times they’ve become more a true style referencing not quite fruit beers that are made from in-house blends of beer and fruit drinks or flavors.  They’re meant to be refreshing first and foremost.  Whether focusing on beer, fruitiness or a balance, they should always be a very easy to drink summer beverages.  They often have a slightly lower alcohol content as well.

Brian: This beer likes long walks on the beach and the occasional night out on the town in Monte Carlo. He always wears sunglasses at night and drives a Trans Am with T tops. His best friend’s name is “Needles.” He’s got a hot dice hand and can work the craps table like nobodies business. Half beer, half lemon sour soda, half playboy.

Describe its unique flavor:

Justin: Full flavor lemon. Lemon Breaker focuses a bit more on the sweetness rather than sour aspects of lemon as well. There’s plenty of shandy’s on the market, but ours definitely has more of a lemon presence than most.  It actually tastes like lemon instead of chemicals, so that kinda helps.

Brian: Not too sweet, not too tart, crushable, smushable, craveable, huggable, kissable. 1/3 Lemon, 1/3 beer, 1/3 love, and 1/3 aluminum can.

What stands out to you the most during your time spent developing Lemon Breaker Shandy? A happy memory?

Justin: We really need to stop saying “Shandy is dandy, but liquor is quicker” to each other… Or at least Justin needs to.

Brian: Justin “pantsed” Ethan while Chad pointed and laughed because they are cruel savages. The R&D portion of creating this beer was the most thorough that we’ve dealt with. Trying to make sure a secondary fermentation doesn’t happen while the beer is in 12oz cans, 1/2 barrel and 1/6 barrels at your local liquor stores and bars.

If you could pair this beer with a food from a place around town, what would it be?

Justin: Almost anything grilled.  Hot dogs especially.  Adi and Joe, some of our sales reps, have been making some really interesting drink mixes with it too.

Brian: I would take some lemons from the bar fruit tray at Dick’s Bar or Barker’s and jam them in my mouth and then take a smooth sip while high-fiving the nearest employee.

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