All About That Beer: Paul & Babes Breakfast Ale

Pancakes covered with blueberries and maple syrup, a sizzling pan of bacon, a warm cup of coffee…that’s more than enough to make anyone drool! But what if we told you we put all of the appeals of breakfast food into our Paul and Babes Breakfast Ale? Well, surprise! We did. Read on to learn more:

Where does the name Paul & Babes come from?

Justin: The tall tales of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

Brian: Everybody knows that the Blue Ox Babe came from the land of sky blue waters. It’s a simple tale of a man and his Ox treading through the land during an age of climate change.

Describe this style of beer:

Justin: This is the first beer recipe that I’ve written for Hop & Barrel that didn’t have a style guideline in mind first.  Instead, it was based on a very specific flavor profile.  The goal was to use the best ingredients possible to achieve that blend, without being constrained to a pre-conceived guideline.  Usually, we’re all for using the classic styles as a baseline, but this beer was designed to ignore style and focus on a flavor profile first.  We simply call it a “breakfast ale” if people ask.

Brian: It’s an ale. Not a stout.

Describe its unique flavor:

Justin: Maple drenched Pancakes, Blueberries, and Coffee with Cream.  It’s breakfast in a drink.  We like to think it’s what Paul Bunyan himself would drink if given the chance, and Babe too of course.  I’m pretty sure giant blue oxen can drink?

Brian: You ever take some blueberries and some coffee grounds and jam them in your mouth hole while simultaneously chugging a beer and a bottle of overly expensive artisanal maple syrup?? Me either. That’s probably what this tastes like. I dunno.

Was there anything memorable or funny that happened during production? Interesting quotes or “accidents”?

Justin: We were originally going to do half of the first batch without coffee and half with coffee.  When Ethan was running tests with the ratio of coffee we immediately realized coffee needed to be included all the time.  It’s amazing how the coffee aroma and flavor, even if it is slightly more subtle than our other coffee beers, really ties the rich flavor blend together for Paul & Babes.

Brian: I think the name came first and then the beer…?

If you could pair this beer with food from a place around town, what would it be?

Justin: A short stack of pancakes of course!  More than one of us has had a pint of Paul & Babe’s and within a few days the craving for pancakes and blueberries is so overwhelming you’re tracking them down or making some up at home.

Brian: Dick’s Bar and Grill breakfast. But only if Fire Chief 2 (DaBruzzi) is there yelling at me about how we need to make more barrel-aged beer.

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