All About That Beer: Scaredy Pie

Beer #2 in our Kettle Sour Series is officially here! Scaredy Pie is a Kettle Sour Ale with key limes…seriously, so many key limes. Read on to learn more!

Where does the name Scaredy Pie come from?

Justin: Where all the best ideas come from: road trips up north.  We were driving along, throwing names back and forth.  The original art for the can icon was way more German Gothic.  Think Augustus from Willy Wonka.  That pie looked effing terrified.  I mean, it’s still pretty scared, but funny scared.  The original made you feel bad for it.  Julie is way too good of an artist.

Brian: When I hit up Julie to make the art for this one, I asked her to make an illustration that had a kid eating a key lime pie, and the pie needed to be frightened because it was being eaten. Apparently, her husband’s face was the basis for the pie. Sorry, Trev-Dog.

Describe this style of beer:

Justin: A sour fruited ale.  You make a beer.  You sour it.  And you throw fruit at it.  Lots of breweries are doing it these days.  Most are pretty good too.  It strikes that chord of sweet and sour that the human brain kind of gets locked up on.  To do them really well, though, it’s about an extreme form of balance.  Balancing out truly tart with what would be gut-wrenchingly sweet in such a way the entire beer is intense but pleasant, not abrasive.  Letting the extremes cancel each other out, so the sum really is greater than the parts.

Brian: A kettle sour with lime zest from Maltwerks. Some of the most aromatic and best tasting lime zest I’ve encountered. You should buy some and then hang it around your neck and walk around all day with it. That’s what I did.

Describe its unique flavor:

Justin: Key Lime P.I.E.  This is not about key lime alone.  That’s, frankly, easy.  It’s intense, can be really pleasant, but also boring to make and gets boring to drink quickly.  Our focus with this beer is about experiencing the graham of the crust, the sweetness of the milk, the unique tart from the key lime, and the zest from all citrus.  Having it all blend together.

Brian: You ever stick a lime in your mouth while doing a snow angel while someone is pouring beer on your face? Me either, but that’s probably what this beer tastes like.

Was there anything memorable or funny that happened during production? Interesting quotes or “accidents”?

Justin: All I’m going to say is we have to figure out a better way to get this many pounds of limes in and out of a fermentor.  I’m just going to leave it at that.  Oh, and I am so sorry Ethan and Katie…

Brian: Look, whoever sends us these questions…please remember that we never have accidents at the brewery. Ever. And brewing is very serious business. And we are very important business people with work to do. We don’t like to have “fun” at the brewery. In fact, we’ve just hired someone to be the Fun Police so that people stop having fun.

If you could pair this beer with food from a place around town, what would it be?

Justin: Most of the menu from San Pedro would work pretty well.  Fried chicken tacos from Agave.  Perhaps try it with a coffee drink from Wired Robin?  That sounds interesting to me.

Brian: Not sushi for starters, which actually might work, I dunno, you tell me, Justin ”Sushi Mouth” Terbeest. I’d pair it with sour cream and onion chips from a vending machine and the new solo album: Dream In Motion from Kirk Windstein.

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