Brew Like a Girl

She’s a little sass, but a lot of badass – we recently had the opportunity to sit down with Kaite Eells and chat with her about what it’s like being a female brewery in the industry. We got to hear how she and the other women of Hop & Barrel brewing are breaking stigmas with their new initiative “Brew Like a Girl”.

What is Brew Like a Girl?

Katie: “Brew Like a Girl” is powerful. We are reclaiming the word “girl” and morphing into a meaning of strength and power. We will be releasing artwork soon, and our idea behind it was feminine, yet powerful, so stay tuned for that! This all came to be during Women’s History Month in March and we are very excited to be a part of something that will hopefully positively impact the industry.

How did Brew Like a Girl come to be?

Katie: It originally started when Hop & Barrel released their Double Bromance, a play on the two owners and the two brewers. I was kind of like, “Hey guys, what about me?” And it turned into a running joke around the brewery. The team here is very inclusive so we started talking and it morphed into this idea of having me take lead on a beer. We decided to name it “Fifth Wheel Triple IPA” in reference to the odd-man-out. When the other Hop & Barrel women caught wind we were brewing this beer, they wanted to be a part of it as well!

Why is this initiative so important in the brewing industry?

Katie: This initiative is important because it gives women a taste of how this industry works. It’s not intimidating, women can do this too! Most women in the industry are filling roles within sales or the taproom, but Brew Like a Girl is meant to show that anything is possible. There are 7,000 breweries in the U.S. and less than 300 female head brewers. We want to show that brewing is a welcoming environment for women in the industry!

What can we expect from Brew Like a Girl?

Katie: We hope to release something new under Brew Like a Girl four or so times a year. These will also be out in the market and available to the public! Fifth Wheel is currently available, in kegs and in our taproom. The guys created Double Bromance – a double IPA, so we decided to go bigger and create Fifth Wheel as a triple IPA. It is light drinking and a great summer quencher despite it being a 10% beer. Our next release will be a more fall-centric beer, so make sure to look for the next Brew Like a Girl release this fall.

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