Minnesconsin Helles Lager

This crisp and easy sipping Helles lager is an ode to the shaky, but often friendly, bi-state relationship between two transmogrified bordering states. We aren’t sympatico, but we make it work. Synergy malt is what binds us together. Raise a glass to your friends and enemies alike!

5.2% ABV

Space Force Double IPA

Any brewery can make a Double Dry Hopped India Pale Ale, but not every brewery can craft one so elite it’s fit to hold the moniker: “Space Force.” A myriad of classified hops make this beer taste like it’s from another galaxy. Malty sweet, but bitter enough to know you’re drinking beer, not just fruit juice. The only full-flavored DDH DIPA that can live up to its namesake.

8.5% ABV

Crooked Grin IPA

Yeah, yeah, keep your hat on, we’ve got your damn IPA right here. Ever get that tilt in your brim and twinkle in your dimple? Simcoe, Columbus, Amarillo, and Centennial will do that to a guy or gal. This thing’s got enough citrus and pin for a wilderness retreat. And yeah dude, we went West Coast style.

6.0% ABV

Hudson Haze Hazy IPA

A beer made from the heart of Hudson, Wisconsin, for the palettes of trendsetters everywhere. Here’s to you who know what’s best for the rest of us. Centuries of trying to make the clearest beer possible and all of the sudden YOU people want to drink orange juice beer. Well…here you go. Drink up, Trendy McTrendface.

6% ABV

Lemon Breaker Shandy


Lakes. Rivers. Beaches. Boats. Swimsuits. Fireworks. Sunscreen. Beer. Lemons. Do you get where we’re going with this? Nothing says summer like a cold refreshing Shandy. The perfect blend between a crisp Minnesconsin Helles Lager and a sweet burst of Spring Grove’s Lemon Sour. This summer brew is a taste pleaser like no other.

3.7% ABV

Oktoberfest Märzen


Summer isn’t over, but the Hop Kaiser doesn’t give a scheisse. He’s taking a break from the Great Hop War to drink a nice, fat German-style lager. So throw away your haze brah and drink up. Prost!

6.03% ABV

Big Mik’s Coffee Stout


Through the mists of time in ancient Hudson, WI, comes the legend of Big Mik, a giant amount men who worships stout ale and coffee. So naturally he took his beefy hands and smashed them creating Big Mik’s Coffee Stout. This robust smooth coffee laden beer goes perfect with eggs and bacon or whatever you have laying around for breakfast.

5.8% ABV

5th TRIPle Triple IPA

5th triple


Let’s take a trip. A vehicle for the dankest hops only imaginable from a state of pure hoppy bliss. A journey unlike any other through a malt profile so clean that sip after sip all you taste are layers of exquisite resiny goodness. But remember: it’s the journey that matters, not the destination. Take the trip again, and again, and again….

10% ABV

Scaredy Pie Kettle Sour

scaredy pie

(Special Release)

Many limes died to bring us this beer. The second release in our Kettle Sour Series. A sweet, tart dessert beer with a hint of graham. Brewed to bring a taste of Summer to a Midwest Winter.

6.0% ABV

Blood Orange

blood orange


Many blood oranges died to bring us this beer. The third release in our kettle sour series. An intense, Blood red puckering sour brewed to bring a bite to your Fall season.

6.0% ABV

Paul & Babe’s Breakfast Ale

paul and babe


Blueberries, coffee, and maple syrup. Some would say such an unbelievable blend of titanic flavors must be a tall tale. We just say wake up and drink your breakfast ale.

7.5% ABV

Feed Me Sour IPA



Many hops died to bring us this beer. The Fifth release in our Kettle Sour Series. Aromatic and sour, with enough hop bits so you know we dry hopped this beer FOUR TIMES. Brewed to bring a hoppily sour experience to your Spring. Does anybody actually read these things?

7% ABV