Five Things

Five Things

For everyone following us online, or if you’ve driven through downtown Hudson lately, it’s pretty obvious we’ve been hard at work in the brewery and taproom. In just a few months we’ll be ready to welcome the beer-drinking public to enjoy our efforts. One late night, and perhaps a few beers into it, we started talking about what everyone else could do to get ready for our opening. So without further discussion, here are the five things your can do to prepare for our opening:

1. Visit Hudson for a “Dry Run”

No brainer. If you’re reading this and haven’t been to Hudson, then you’ve simply been missing out. Hudson is a town that has much to offer. As a major crossways between WI and MN on I-94 the uptown portion of Hudson has everything you would expect in a modern American town of approximately 15,000 people. The historic downtown, of which we couldn’t be more excited to be calling home, is vibrant, unique and offers a wide range of retail and amazing dining options. The boat access and pier are particular favorites.

2. Beer Tours

The St. Croix Valley is a craft beer tourist’s hidden gem. Besides our own pending presence, there 5 craft breweries in operation on the Wisconsin side of the river within 15 minutes or less of our taproom. Pitchfork in Hudson, Swinging Bridge and Rush River in River Falls, Oliphant in Somerset, and Barley John’s in New Richmond. There’s a few nearby options in Minnesota that are worth checking out as well.

3. Scope out your favorite local food joints

We’re beer people, not food people. Food service is just not us. If we’re not being clear enough: Hop & Barrel will not offer food of our own (besides free popcorn). You’re more than welcome, encouraged even, to bring in food from elsewhere. With dozens of amazing restaurants within walking distance, and details pending for some delivery options, variety will not be a problem for our taproom. We’ll have plenty of menus and convenience options to make getting food from our neighborhood, into our brewhouse, and into your belly to enjoy with our beer.

4. Bring the whole family

We’re a craft brewery, not a dive bar. (Nothing against any dive bars which may be reading this, rest assured, Brian is probably sitting at your place in the corner, clutching a beer and scowling right now!) With plenty of free board and card games, foosball, some pay-to-play arcade options, and it almost goes without saying, free wifi and phone chargers at the bar, the vibe in our two taproom areas and patio is going to be comfortable for the whole family. With access from the water less than 2 blocks away, we couldn’t be easier to reach for boaters either. For you landlubbers, we also have our own parking lot directly on 2nd street, which makes loading and unloading the little ones that much easier.

5. Enjoy responsibly

Speaking to anybody planning to stay awhile: arrange a sober ride. Besides, there are plenty of ways to take our beer with you, whether it’s in our 12oz cans, crowlers, or growlers. With easy access to I-94, an extremely easy to find location, and again, the ease of our own parking lot, arranging for a pick up, party bus, or app-ride of your choosing couldn’t be easier.

See you in the fall!

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