Meet the Team – Adi Alvarado

What is your official title at Hop and Barrel?

My official title at Hop and Barrel is Sales representative or sales rep. I like to consider my title to be, “Adi Top Sales Gun Alvarado”. It’s a working title.

What does a typical day look for you?

Well, my day starts with a slight startle in the mirror. Followed by convincing myself that’s what I look like and a quick shower. I usually get to the brewery around 8am every morning and start on some emails. After loading up some small deliveries, getting my route squared away, and picking on Chad and Ethan (our brewers), I hit the road and go to where ever I need to go. I try to leave the brewery by 9am. I try to have lunch at one of the many customer’s restaurants around noon to 1pm. Sometimes I bring the trusted PB&J for lunch. After that, I hit up a few more restaurants that are finishing up on their lunch rush. I try to get back to the brewery around 3:30 so that I can finish up some emails and some paperwork as well as have a fresh glass of beer. Then, I head home to play with my roommate’s dog, Hudson. That’s about my typical day.

How did you become apart of the Hop and Barrel Team?

I just graduated from the University of Wisconsin, River Falls with a Marketing degree. As I was in college I served at multiple restaurants and even got the opportunity to manage a few. I have always been good at sales. Even took some sales classes in college.

One day I found myself applying to different sales job at different breweries. After applying to at least 40 different breweries I got an email from Hop and Barrel. I got the job. The rest is history.

What makes Hop and Barrel Unique?

Honestly, it’s the passion that makes Hop and Barrel unique. I love the everyone here has passion. The owners have a passion for their employees. They care about everyone and know them by name. They want all of us to succeed in whatever we are doing. The brewers have a passion for craft beer. They are always talking about beer. They collaborate with other industry brewers from all over just so they can learn more. Our sales team has a passion for the community. From small businesses to other cities in Wisconsin. We just are passionate to be apart of a community. Our beer tenders are passionate about everyone that walks into our doors. I love getting to know people. If this is your first time or 100th time coming through our doors, our beer tenders want to get to know you. All our passion is really what makes us a great team and makes us unique.

Why craft beer and why brewing?

Ever since I started liking craft beer I knew that’s I wanted it to be a big part of my life. I loved the sense of community that breweries have. Breweries are so much a part of their community as their community is apart of the brewery.

That’s what I wanted. Also, I love the way craft brewers are pushing the idea of what beer can be these days. I hope to open up my own brewery someday.

What is your favorite Hop and Barrel beer?

That is about the most impossible question. So I am going to give you my top three in no particular order. Lemon breaker Shandy (pictured) is just such a delicious beer. So much lemon in the nose and a nice natural sweetness in the mouth. It’s perfect for the season.

Hop and Barrel light is a great light lager that is so easy to drink. It’s just lightly perfect. Space Force is an amazing IPA. It has so much grapefruit citrus and orange peel. It’s delicious. Those are my favorite beers from Hop and Barrel.

Tell us something that people may not know about you:

I tend to be an open book. That being said, I do have a secret obsession with flamingos. Oh crap, guess the flamingo is out of the bag now. Also, I play eight different instruments. Mostly stringed instruments, but I also play the drums and the piano. I was actually in an orchestra for a few years playing the upright bass. Now I mostly just play the guitar.

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  • Francie Duea Posted May 22, 2019 9:11 am

    So excited for Adi’s new adventure!! He will do fantastic!!Great addition to your team.

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