Meet the Team – Anna Langer

Meet Anna, beertender for the Hop & Barrel team and we are stoked to have her aboard! Her friend helps the guys brew, so she popped in one day and was chatting them up. She just happened to randomly ask if they were hiring, even though she wasn’t looking for a job, and they said yes! The rest is history.

What is your official title here at Hop & Barrel?

Beertender. Sometimes I help can and most time I am behind the bar and chatting with customers. Nothing too crazy, just pouring beers!

What does a typical day for you look like? 

I come in and do all the opening stuff, then I help with any random tasks they need. You can usually find me pouring beers and talking to customers. Somewhere in there I eat lunch eventually!

How did you learn about Hop & Barrel?

I grew up locally, and being this is a small town you can’t really miss it if somethings new. You hear about it, and this is a great location! The building is awesome for a brewery, they even have their own parking lot.

What is your favorite Hop & Barrel beer?

Oh, I would have to say Beer Can Island and Episode 2. Even though they are completely different, I like them both!

You can have food delivered to Hop & Barrel, what would you recommend? 

Agave has awesome food! Their burgers or chimichangas are good. And their legendary nachos are crack! You can’t go wrong.

Side Note: If you get Agave takeout on Thursday’s, you get $2 off your first pint!

Share with us some fun facts that people may not know about you:

I dream of having a dog, specifically a Golden Retriever. I would name her Lenny. I have traveled a lot, I used to live in New Zealand and Australia for a few years. I have a psychology degree, but I prefer to stay in this industry.

Tell us some of your favorites:

Favorite Game in the HB Barrel Room: foosball

Favorite Food: a good slice of greasy, dirty, pepperoni pizza

Light or Dark Beer: light in the summer, dark in the winter

Favorite HB Canned Beer: Lactose Panda

If you could place the new can stickers anywhere, where would you put one?

On my water bottle, for sure.

Who has a better beard, Brian or Chad?

Brian, it’s more sculpted.

To hear an audio version of this article, click below. 

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