Meet the Team: Joe Elkin

What is your official title at Hop & Barrel?  

Sales Rep/ Ambassador of Fun 

 What does a typical day look like for you? 

I cover two different ends of the state.  I start some mornings in Hudson and hit the road for the Madison & Milwaukee sales territory.  Other mornings I work “Highway 35 North” from North Hudson to Siren.  I sell beer and spread sunshine along the way…probably.  I drive a lime green truck with the Hop & Barrel logo on the side, so if you see me, feel free to swerve my way! 

How did you come to be a part of the Hop & Barrel team?

I thought I was filling out a profile on  It turns out; it was a job application.  They liked the part where I said I have an overall positive attitude and a keen nose for adventure.  Also, they were hiring.  

What makes Hop & Barrel unique? 

Ok, one serious answer  the people!  From the beertenders who pour our delicious beer to the brewers who make it.  I have never worked in an environment where everyone is genuinely happy to be part of the process.  I can call Justin or Brian 24/7 (and I do), and they always have an answer to my questions and couldn’t be happier to help.  I can’t forget about our wonderful customers – people who genuinely enjoy craft beer and recognize the quality. Lastly, our delivery guys!  I couldn’t do my job without them doing theirs.  They put their backs into making sure our fantastic beer gets where it needs to be.  

 Why craft beer and brewing? 

I’m too heavy for pole dancing 🙁 

What is your favorite Hop & Barrel beer

Minnisconsin Lager. It’s like White Claw but better because instead of White Claw, it’s delicious beer with way more malt and hops.  It’s like a smile for your insides! 

Tell us something people may not know about you

If I were a police sketch artist, I’d be like, “Is this the guy?”  And they’d be like “Nope, that’s a barn”… because I can only draw barns.  

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