Meet the Team: Karen Schwarz

What is your official title at Hop & Barrel?  

Well my business cards say “Director of Shenanigans” but you can just call me the Taproom and Event Manager

 What does a typical day look like for you? 

My typical day starts off with coffee. Taking a tour around the taproom and brewery. Seeing what is new, What we are brewing that day. What is happening in the community. Building a plan to take over the world. One beer at a time.

How did you come to be a part of the Hop & Barrel team?

I was working for another company that was purchasing beer from Hop, I fell in love with the beer instantly then the people later. I would come to the brewery from time to time but always chat their ear off when they were in. One day they were looking for part-time salespeople in my area and I said well hot damn I’m in. A year later I work here full time, loving every minute of it.

What makes Hop & Barrel unique? 

Our Staff and Our Beer. In our Mission, we have a purpose statement says …Purpose: Our first priority is our people, our second is quality. If we take care of the former, they will take care of the later. We have the most wonderful eclectic staff. Everyone brings their own strengths to the team. They make us stronger. Better.

I don’t feel cliche for saying our beer. Our beer constantly blows me away. The special attention to detail when it comes to ingredients, as well as the ability to purchase from more local farmers, supporting the local community, makes it a treat to add to any occasion.

Why craft beer and brewing? 

Because beer! The flavor profiles, the attention to detail, the execution. Flawless.

What is your favorite Hop & Barrel beer

Gahhhh oh man. I love our beer. Right now I have been drinking our Beest Rye IPA. But Space Force is our gateway beer.

Tell us something people may not know about you

I am a twin, My mom is a twin and my dad is a twin.

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