Meet the Team – the Brewery Parents

We sat down with the legendary brewery parents – Mags and “The Captain” Coulson! You may have seen them poppin’ up around the brewery lending a helping hand when needed. Aside from being brewery parents, you may also have seen Mag volunteering around town. She has recently been named “Volunteer of the Year” for all of her volunteer work around the area. The Captain also has a unique story, he has held many unique positions within the US military – even in the US Space Force. You heard us right! They say they are “empty nesters” but house two dogs, two cats, and five turtles. How does one become a brewery parent? Let’s find out!

How did you learn about Hop & Barrel?

We met Brian a few years ago. It goes back to American Sky, the first brewery in Hudson. She started volunteering up there wherever they needed help and the rest is history!

They are located on the main drag in Hudson. It’s a small business with local owners and is family oriented. Truly great people who run this place. Initially, when we heard Brian was coming back to town, we stopped in and met Justin and he took us into the fold. We volunteered and helped them get the lights turned on for the grand opening which was December 16th, 2017. Their anniversary is coming up!

How did you get the name the Brewery Parents?

Brian stays in our guest suite, he nicknamed it the “Brewers Quarters”. We are empty nesters and don’t mind helping out if they need us, we will jump in. We want to see them succeed. Small town America is what this country was founded on and we believe in that. Get involved and support your local businesses by shopping, drinking, and eating locally. We would love to see these guys expand and grow and we believe in both of them and their families and the whole Hop & Barrel family!

What does a typical day look like for a Brewery Parent?

There is no such thing as a typical day for us! IT all starts with a text “we need help!” Then it is everything from working in back on the canning line and labeling, helping out whoever is behind the bar, bussing tables and taking orders, to manning the dishwasher.

What is your connection with Space Force?

I am retired a retired naval aviator for our military, and was a member of the original Space Force. After my flying days were over, I became a computer guy and was involved in the Naval Space Command. I actually got a designation as a Critical Occupation Specialist in the Space Core before coming back to Wisconsin.

Favorite Hop & Barrel beer?

We haven’t met one we didn’t like! We enjoy the Space Force, Saint Black is good too! We pretty much like anything they make.

Any words of wisdom from the Brewery Parents?

They are great folks here, you can come down and enjoy a good drink with some neat people!

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  • Lynn Grace Posted October 22, 2018 7:59 pm

    Mags and Jim are the BEST!! And what they do just comes naturally, itโ€™s simply the way they are! Youโ€™re lucky to have them on your side! Love them both!!!

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