Get to Know Us

Hop and Barrel Brewing Co. is a small brewery with big plans for craft beer. Our brewery and tap room is located in the heart of downtown Hudson, Wisconsin.

Our taproom in Hudson is just two blocks from the pier. Here in this beautiful river town, our brewers craft delicious stouts, refreshing IPAs, and other mouth-watering brews. We are easily accessible by foot, bike, boat, or car (we have private parking!), and we look forward to having you join us for a sip in the taproom or on our patio weather permitting. With sixteen taps available, games such as foosball, skeeball, duck claw, and a dog friendly environment – we hope to have a little something for everyone!

Hop & Barrel is partially built on great ingredients and brewing technique. The rest of the credit goes to our team.

Justin Terbeest



Justin Terbeest, co-founder and brewer at Hop & Barrel Brewing Co., fell in love with craft beer in 2011. That year, he helped coordinate the Brew Review fundraiser for the Hudson Rotary Club. This event opened his eyes to the craft beer industry and left him hungry for more. Justin purchased his first homebrew kit in 2014 from Northern Brewer after he spent his Spring Break flipping through their magazine while enjoying (multiple) Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPAs. He began designing and brewing his own recipes right after that first kit and a winning homebrewer was born.

He joined the Hudson Homebrew Club shortly thereafter and eventually went on to brew his first award- winning beer, “Firstborn,” for his son Corbin’s 1st birthday party. (Not to worry – they will have versions of this recipe on tap at the brewery!)

Justin has now won 12 homebrew medals including entrance into the final round of the National Homebrewing Contest two years in a row. He has medaled at the BFD from Inbound and at the Golden Growler multiple times.

Justin grew up in Spring Valley, MN and later attended Luther College and Hamline University School of Law to become a practicing family law attorney. He and his wife, Melissa, have been together for 13 years. They have two boys, Corbin (3) and Marek (1), that keep them both very busy. His go-to beer when he isn’t testing his own is almost anything from Crooked Stave or any DIPA – especially Fulton’s Insurrection.

Some fun facts about Justin:

  • For most of the 1990’s you could find him and his Grand Champion Milking Short Horn at the MN State Fair competing in the 4H Dairy Shows, another display of his competitive nature!
  • He loves drinking and brewing beer (obviously) and can be found hiking, biking, and playing the occasional video game when not entertaining the kids.

Brian Priefer



“Brian Priefer has been a mainstay in the Minnesota/Wisconsin brewing scene for over a decade. A Cicerone Certified Beer Server and Certified BJCP Judge, Brian honed his craft at such notable breweries as American Sky, Lucid and Inbound BrewCo. His expertise has been enlisted in consulting with brewing startup operations as far afield as Antigua, Guatemala. Whether it’s predicting a porter to perfectly please your palate or giving ear on which beer to revere, Brian is your Patron Saint of Hops. And he has a stupid $&@%*#! beard that’s probably full of mites.”

– Benjamin Ira Denson, Important Businessman

“The Screaming Lord of Hops. Whether you’re looking for a light lager, or a Russian Imperial culled from the dark ages, Brian is your guide. Best part about him is he’ll sit down and enjoy the grimiest metal and cheapest chugs, because he’s a $&@%*# human. Devoid of the fashionably clad beer snobbery that has attempted to control the Midwest craft scene, Brian has evolved into a mixture of a denim short clad BBQ dad, underground metal sweat fest, and after dinner aperitif suds dealer. Never fails to find a pour for your mouth. Pairs well with both blastbeats, and dinner dates.”

– Seth “Big Irish” McGuire, TSgt (ret)

Katie Eells

Director of Quality Control / Co-Brewer

Katie brings a chill and down to earth vibe to the Hop & Barrel team. Her unique dose of curiosity is refreshing. She is now our resident mad scientist, but originally had aspirations to be a veterinarian. With an insatiable appetite for learning, she is also self-learning guitar and Spanish, she’s already conquered how to change a spark plug and now leaves that to the professionals.

When it comes to her love of craft beer, it originally started with the flavor and complexity. But then when she started brewing it was the process – brewing made it worth it. The process and nuances that go into making it look or taste different, the science behind it, is now her why.


Ashley Kopp

Director of Quality Assurance

Before joining the Hop & Barrel team, Ashley worked in office administration and marketing. She enjoys science, data analysis, problem solving, and the occasional creative endeavor. Now, Ashley is our other resident mad scientist, working with Katie in the lab to ensure that every batch of beer meets our top-quality standards.

When she isn’t performing mad science experiments, she moonlights as a renaissance woman. Some of her many hobbies include tabletop gaming, painting, graphic design, bookbinding, leatherworking, archery, historical fencing, and of course, home brewing. Ashley first started home brewing back in 2019, her current projects include small batches of mead and wine.


Nathan Grosse



Nathan worked behind the bar in the taproom for a year before retreating back into the cellar to brew beer. At work, his duties primarily consist of cleaning things and moving heavy objects around. Occasionally he also makes beer. In his free time, he enjoys collecting records, listening to music, gardening, hiking, riding his bike, and dumpster diving. Some of his favorite beers are from Central Waters and Prairie Artisan Ales. His favorite band is The Beach Boys. Nathan lives outside of River Falls with his wife, two cats, and two turtles.

About Us

Here at our brewery, we try to keep our focus simple: We are a place where you can bring your close friends, poker group, or kids and feel comfortable. When you drink with us, you’ll know you are getting our best beer, 100% of the time—no excuses. We will always push our limits. Our passion is to brew something even better than we did the day before.
About Us