The “Rule of Two”

The “Rule of Two”

The “Rule of Two” is a term you may have heard us drop or seen us use on social media. The Rule of Two is going to be an ongoing series of beers available exclusively at our taproom. Rule of Two can best be defined as one or more of the following: 1. A superstitious belief we fell into while working on forming the brewery. 2. Our riff on an approach to SMASH style beers, or at least the spirit of SMASH beers. 3. Absolutely not a reference to the caste system of the bad guys in a space opera not to be named which is currently owned by an anthropomorphic mouse.

1. Get in the frame of mind for what the first half of 2017 was like for us: Working our day jobs all the while trying to pull together the framework of a new business in a highly regulated industry, find and secure a place of operation, identify suppliers and manufacturers, complete literal mountains of paperwork, and then work with the City of Hudson to change the zoning to open Hudson’s first downtown brewery. Given that we are beer people, enjoying a few along the way was a given. Liquid inspiration, so to speak. We quickly realized that the creativity took a pleasant turn for the better after imbibing two beers. No more, and no less. Hence, the Rule of Two.

2. SMASH beers, or Single Malt And Single Hop, beers are a style totally defined by the name. Brewing with a single malt and hop combination to showcase one or both ingredients. In theory this is an excellent way to showcase a unique hop or new malt, but in practice, tends to lead to fairly one-dimensional beers. As enjoyable as many SMASH beers are at first, we’ve found that their enjoyability tends to drop off rather quickly. Ask yourself, how many breweries actually package a SMASH beer? Our thought was to create something that let individual ingredients shine, while still having enough complexity to not be boring, putting it bluntly. What this lead to was the concept of utilizing equal amounts of two malts, and equal amounts of 2 hops. Keeping the spirit of SMASH simplicity but providing a wider palate, that is hopefully more appreciated by, well, your palate. This self-imposed constraint is meant push our creativity in design and execution to brew as wide a variety of styles with a very simple pattern of ingredients. The goal is to use the Rule of Two as an ongoing series of beers, sometimes using the same combinations with different techniques or timing to show how much the brewing process can affect a beer, rather than just the ingredients themselves. Our hope is that this will not just allow appreciation for the specific ingredients, but also for a complex interplay which creates a beer that is enjoyable enough to order a second. If nothing else, the individual beers should provide interesting comparisons within the series.

3. Enough said.

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